Car Rental Uganda

Stretched Safari Landcruiser

Hiring a customized Safari tour cars in Uganda: One of the tough and utilitarian 4×4 Toyota land cruisers mostly used on Africa terrains for inspirational safaris in Uganda.

The customized part is, its specially built for safari with an inbuilt freezer, Ac, pop up roof for game viewing to support the inspirational Car rental with Driver trips. It definitely maneuvers all the Africa terrains and would definitely take you to all the four corners of Uganda.

Our 4 stretched Landcruiser’s are great for group trips with a sitting capacity of 7 person max on a single trip in Uganda and across boarders with each guest having a window seat and big windows for good visibility. 

We also have the stretched 5 Seater Landcruiser equally great for group trips or family safaris of 5 persons or less. Just like the 7 seater Landcruiser, the 5 seater safari Landcruiser’s are off road vehicles

The landcruisers come with an inbuilt freezer and a perfect working condition for wildlife safaris. There is a back pop up roof and a front Hatch for the front person during game drives. Our Extended landcruisers are customised with enough Luggage space in the trunk fitting 7 bags for the 7 persons onboard.


Car Rental Uganda
custom safari jeep
Self Drive Car Rental

Low season                            High Season

1-  5 Days  Car Rental             USD 250                                    USD 270

5 Days + Car Rental                USD 270                                    USD 230

Low seasons: March Apirl, May June October November

High Seasons: December, January, Feb, July, August, September, October

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