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Self drive Pre-Arranged itineraries

On uganda safaris, Self drive car rental pre-arranged itineraries are a perfect and easy choice in discovering the un-ending beautiful lands of Uganda. Be assured which directions to take and absolutely which lodge to overnight through some of the best spotting in upcountry roads.

These itineraries are build from our well experienced expert personnel who share the love for adventure and have singled out the best routes to take and which lodges will spice up your adventure.

The Authors of these well put together itineraries have travelled this pearl of Africa from north to south, east to west, previously worked for different pioneer tour companies for over 8 years and now absolutely know every corner of this country, identifying what will make an adventure worth an experience. We came up with itineraries for you that need to adventure independently or still possible making use of our insightful driver guides.

In addition to car rental services, we secure your Gorilla and chimpanzee permits, reserve lodges to spend the overnights, A well planned itinerary and routes with a help of a guide map or a resourceful Driver guide.

We have a long working relationship with the lodges we mention in these packages, they give us a discount and we happily pass on this cost break to our clients on top of our discounted car rental rates.

 Self drive safari Uganda , Uganda safari

Primates special 12 Days.  US$ 673pp

Do you have that passion for primates, encountering and getting up close with the great apes, human closest relatives? Rent a car on self drive with a well planned circuit through Uganda and embark on an inspirational journey. The primates special self drive package brings you closer to human closest relatives combined with Uganda’s un-ending beauty. Absolutely the perfect self drive car rental in Uganda for you. Read more….

Self drive safari Uganda , Uganda safari

Uganda Classic 15 days. US$ 742pp

Set out on an inspirational journey and view the best that Uganda has to offer. Marvel through Uganda’s best destination on a self drive pre-arranged trip and get blown out in awwe. Rent a car with us and experience the taste of a self drive adventure created under your specific interests. Through the beautiful, lush green and still virgin lands, The 15 days Uganda classic adventure will have you rapt in aww… Read more….

Self drive safari Uganda , Uganda safari

Uganda safaris 21 days. US$ 1052pp

Driving through Uganda on a 21 days self drive tour is a magical way to experience Uganda’s beauty. This tour offers a multitude of adventures including the up-close and personal with the mountain gorillas and the ultimate Chimpanzee encounters. The great apes are lovely, friendly, they support each other just like human, a moment with them leaves you with just unforgettable memories. Rent a car on a self drive pre-arranged trip and be rewarded with an inspirational journey.  Read more…

Self drive safari Uganda , Uganda safari

Uganda impressions 8 days. US$ 382pp

Embark on a journey of a lifetime. Uganda not only prides its self with the mountain gorillas but is also home to vibrant wildlife in Africa. A self drive trip combined with authentic African experiences is just point on to discover the mistarious typical Africa. The Uganda impressions 8 days self drive trip highlights the dramatic experiences and stunning variety of Uganda. Witness the typical Africa with spectacular and fascinating landscapes behind the wheels. Rent a car with us and be rewarded with an inspirational journey. Read more….

Self drive safari Uganda , Uganda safari

Sounds Of The North 10 days. US$ 483pp

A 10-day self drive exploration of combined eastern and northern Uganda’s magnificent beauty awaits you including the fascinating and spectacular landscapes. Uganda is blessed and yes northern and eastern Uganda is magical. This unique and vibrant wildlife up north in kidepo National park combined with fascinating sceneries and unique karimojong tribes is one for the enthausiatic traveller. Read more…

Self drive safari Uganda , Uganda safari

Eastern Adventure 5 days. US$ 390pp

A short but magical self drive trip to the eastern Uganda safaris. Are you in for Dramatic experiences, Fascinating landscapes and incredible sunsets? Raft, kayak, Hike, Discover, spectate, Bike, toast and sleep in luxury Nature. Opt to scale mount elgon through dramatic and extraordinary bio-diversity along the most scenic route. If you are an adrenaline lover, at jinja on the start of the longest river in the world will reward and beat your expectations. Read more….

Self drive safari Uganda , Uganda safari

Guided Uganda Insights 13 Days US$ 867pp

Uganda safaris on the historical source of the longest river in the world, incredible and thunderous water falls, spectacular sceneries, endless wild game, breathtaking nature walks, Boat cruises, chimpanzee encounters, The elusive tree climbing lions, the ultimate Gorilla encounter, traditional – cultural encounter and definitely the Ugandan tradition delicacy. Read more…

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