guided Safari in Uganda Insights 13 Days

This 13 Days guided Safari in Uganda takes you on a journey through Uganda’s best and pure kept secrets, unrivaled wildlife destinations – the famous Murchison falls, kazinga channel and Bwindi impenetrable National park. A guided safari or more so self Drive Safari combined with beautiful lodges and tented camps to bring you a classic Uganda in style safari with incredible wildlife and Authentic local encounters in company of a resourceful driver guide.

This proposed itinerary in the 13 days is a combination of wildlife encounters, primate tracking, cruises, Nature walking safaris, cultural encounters and more than just the highlights. This itinerary takes you to the most beautiful spots in this pearl of Africa and leaves almost everything covered. It will give you the true definition of “The pearl of Africa”

Tour Summery

Trip starts:       Entebbe Uganda

Trip Ends:        Entebbe Uganda

Hotel Rating:  Lodge (Budget/lazy camping Accommodation – Midrange)
Permits:          Trekking Permits Secured for each person/$600 per person
Fees:              Gorilla Permit Fees and Park fees inclusive own arrangement
Meals:             Breakfast included: Meal own arrangement

Itinerary at a glance & Highlights

Day 1. Transfer to sipi falls.

Day 2. Sipi falls Adventures

Day 3. Day transfer to Murchison Falls National Park.

Day 4. Murchison game drive and the Nile river cruise

Day 5. Transfer to kibale National Park.

Day 6. Tracking Chimpanzees and swamp walk

Day 7 Crater lakes walk and kazinga channel boat cruise.

Day 8. Queen Elizabeth game drive and Ishasha

Day 9. Transfer to Bwindi National Park

Day 10. The Ultimate mountain gorilla trekking experience

Day 11. The community walk, dugout canoe and coffee tour.

Day 12. The lake Bunyonyi Adventures

Day 13. Lake Mburo N.P and transfer to Entebbe.

Day 1. Transfer to sipi falls.

After a nice breakfast, we will transfer to sipi falls through Jinja the tourism capital of east Africa. Jinja is the adventure city for water adventure lovers as well the source of the Nile where John Hannington Speke stood as he discovered the source of the Nile. We will visit this site monument and probably have a cup of coffee as we have spectacular Nile views. After we will then take our drive to sipi falls where we can reach in the evening to catch a glimpse of the most spectacular sunsets in eastern Uganda on the hills of mount Elgon. These sunsets will be a beginning of your amazing trip to Uganda. Dinner and overnight at Noah’s Ark hotel, or sipi river lodge.

Day 2. Sipi falls Adventures

On a relaxed and nice breakfast, we will be joined by site sipi falls guide who will take us through plantations, home steady and “rat paths” to finally reach-out the most longest and spectacular waterfall in Uganda. The sipi river flows and drops up to 100m down a cliff and forms incredible views. We will follow this fall to the second and third fall which features as the sipi on most pictures taken. Its not about walking, its also about hiking and climbing ladders just to get closer to this incredible waterfall. Its just fun that awaits you here. This tour takes you about 5hours to see the three falls. We will head back to the lodge for a hot nice lunch just before we head out for another exciting activity. This eastern area of mountain Elgon has a very interesting culture and traditions. The most interesting is the act of lining male youth for a traditional male circumcision ceremony. This in the even years can be seen live as youth candidates run around getting ready to face the knife. In the odd years, this can be demonstrated for you in a traditional cave. This activity will enlighten you the true African style of living. We will let the rest you see be adventure for you. We will then retire at the lodge for our dinner and overnight.

Day 3. Day transfer to Murchison Falls National Park.

On this day after a relaxed breakfast, we will head out on a drive transfer to the second biggest national park in Uganda. Through the “once kony zones” towns and villages that were once abandoned but steadily developing, we will encounter so many markets along this road and villages. We will mingle with the locals in the markets, we will visit some home steads and stop along the roadside for coffee breaks. We will also stop in the town markets in lira and if time allows we will take a city walk tour and see the improved and steadily developing community that was once abandoned due to the kony insurgency that ended 9 years back.. we will proceed to the northern part of Murchison falls for our dinner and overnight at the fort murchsion camp.

Day 4. Murchison game drive and the Nile river cruise

Murchison falls national park is the largest park and most interesting national game reserve in Uganda. On this early morning as others have breakfast in the restaurant, we will just have a simple cup of coffee to awaken us and just head out to catch a glimpse of the morning early risers. Expect to see a very concentrated wildlife. Elephants, buffalos, lions, kobs, warthogs, bush bucks, jackles, leopard, jacksons heartbeats, giraffes and have animal details from our professional guides. After about three hours, we will head out to the Albert Nile just at the hippo pool for a very nice bush breakfast. In company with the hippos squashing in water, buffalos kobs just around us. We will then head out again to the park for a bonus game drive as we head to paraa jetty for our lunch and getting ready for the afternoon Nile river cruise to the bottom of the falls. Expect to see water animals ranging from wildlife to water mammals schools of hippos, crocodiles and different bird species. At the bottom of the falls, as others return back with the boat you will embark off the boat and hike to the top of the falls. This is a 45mins walk that entails seeing one of the most powerful waterfall and incredible thing that has ever happened to the longest river in the world. You probably can never have enough of this. The driver guide will transverse with the vehicle around and pick you at the top of the falls where you will drive to cross the river Nile with a ferry back to the lodge. Dinner and overnight at fort Murchison camp.

Day 5. Transfer to kibale National Park.

Early morning with the 7am ferry, we will cross the river Nile again as we head to kibale forest national park, the re known primate capital of the world. This is one of the longest and tricky distance we have to cover though to our drivers, its just a game. This 10hours drive will take us through the rural and urban areas of Uganda. The rural area is the most common. We always have stretch, lunch and coffee breaks as we head on this bumpy but interesting road. We can always stop for hot lunch in the towns ahead of us. We should be able to reach kibale forest in the evening as we check-in at the kibale forest camp for our dinner and overnight.

Day 6. Tracking Chimpanzees and swamp walk

After an early breakfast, we will head to the kanyancu centre to start our chimpanzee tracking encounter. If you prefer to stay the whole day in the jungles trecking the chimpanzees and observing their daily activities, will require you to start at 6am till dawn. Bigodi swamp walk is an interesting walk in the morning when most of the several primates are very active and you can track chimpanzees in the afternoon. The tracking chimpanzees is an encounter with our closest relatives to human and staying with them for an hour. You will move into the nature rainforest and trace these great primates. We will then retire to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 7 Crater lakes walk and kazinga channel boat cruise.

On this early morning we will proceed to the northern part of the forest as we exit the forest, we will take a walk through the different crater lakes with incredible sceneries. Through the lakes we will proceed to the top of the world view point where we are able to have great views of the mountains of the moon, the Rwenzories, the forest, the neighboring villages. This is a great view as we proceed to queen Elizabeth national park for a boat cruise in the afternoon. On the way to queen Elizabeth, we will stop at a home for one of our driver guides purposely to show you how an average African home looks like. We will tour the home and you will know how we do it in Africa. A glass of juice or a fruit or snack is a must for every visitor in an African home. Later we will proceed to the park for an afternoon boat cruise on the kazinga channel. This cruise is done on the famous channel that connects lake George on the north and lake Edward on the south. This channel is also throgged with a lot of wildlife, water mammals crocodiles, hiipos and many bird species. The cruise will take you to the lake Edward and we will witness fishermen doing their thing on the lake. This boat cruise will take us 2 hours and if time allows we will headout to the kasenyi sector for a game drive and later we will retire to the bush lodge for dinner and overnight

Day 8. Queen Elizabeth game drive and Ishasha

After an early morning breakfast at the known Bush lodge, we will head out to the kasenyi park for an an early morning game drive in search for the cats that include lions and leopards. This area is practically known for lion sightings with over 4 prides to look out for. Much more wildlife like elephants, buffalos, water bucks, kobs, warthogs, hippos and birds are there to lookout for. This game drive will take us to the kasenyi salt crater lake in view from the kasenyi craft village where you can take a window shopping and maybe take a chance to buy a souvenuir for the loved ones back home. We will then head out for the tree climbing lions. If you have to see the lions, then that will definitely be in the trees. Lions in these part of queen Elizabeth are known for their tree climbing habbits which can only be seen in this park. More spectacular game inhabits in this park including the Topi, Hyenas, leopards, huge elephants herds, bucks, kobs, baffalos, forest hogs, jackles and many more. We will then retire out for dinner and overnight @the river ishasha.

Day9 transfer to Bwindi National Park

On this day, after a nice relaxing breakfast, we will head out to ishasha park for a bonus game view as we proceed out of the park. We will drive through the Bwindi forest and through the villages and traverse to the southern part of the Bwindi forest. We should be able to reach our lodge in the evening for our dinner and overnight at the Rushaga Gorilla camp. The lodge next to the gorilla tracking family.

Day 10. The Ultimate mountain gorilla trekking experience.

For as early as 7am breakfast and a nice one, with your packed lunch and enough water, we will head out to the park headquarters just a 5 min’s drive or a 10mins walk. To the briefing Banda with your passports you will be registered and a ranger guide will take over to brief you before you head out to the jungles. With escorted armed men, you will head out to the jungles and start trekking the mountain gorillas. You will start trekking the apes from where they were left/seen the previous day. Time spent in the forest depends on the movement of the gorillas when feeding. The rest I will leave it for you to experience. You will then return to the briefing point for graduation and return to the lodge. Dinner and overnight at Nkuringo Gorilla lodge.

Day 11. The community walk, dugout canoe and coffee tour.

On this morning, you will head out and drive about 13km and from here we will embark off the vehicle and go down for another community walk that will lead you to the lake mutanda. On this walk you will encounter the real rural African style and living. You will meet homesteads, through farms and plantations and yes mingle with the locals. This walk till the lake will take you about 2 hours, you will make use of your walking guide to give you full insights. You will then head on some canoes for a dugout canoeing on one of the beautiful lakes in Uganda, the lake mutanda. This dugout canoeing will take you visit some islands and expect a very calm atmosphere. You will definitely stay in the calms of the mutanda waters for about 3hours just as you cross through the lake. At the extreme end, you will embark off the canoes and the driver will trasverse with vehicle to kisoro at that same point to pick you up as you proceed to a homestead for a coffee tour. This tour will take you through the coffee fields on how mountain gorilla coffee is planted, proceed to a homestead and peel it, dry it, winow it, roast it, pound it, grind it and finally drink to the most delicious coffee in Uganda. After this tour we will proceed to lake bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa. Dinner and overnight at an island lodge on the lake bunyonyi, Byoona Amagara.


Day 12. The lake Bunyonyi boat cruise to the Batwa experience.

Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa after lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. This lake will take you wowing immediately your there. Some of the breathtaking sceneries lie just here at the “small Switzerland of Uganda”. Primarily we will head for a boat cruise and visit the traditional islands like the “punishment island” and the “upside down island” among so many more islands which the boat guides and ourselves will provide full insights.. this tour should take us about 4 hours just before we head-back to the shores/mainland and get ready proceed to lake Mburo national park. Through the rolling hills and terraces of kabale mixed up with great sceneries, this journey will take you admiring the other part of the country Uganda as you head to lake Mburo national park. Mid Our journey, We are in for another African delicacy for lunch. Our lunch on this day is more than just the normal “muzungu” food you eat in restaurants, it’s a typical Uganda delicacy called the luwombo. During this meal, you will have deep insights about Ugandan culture and traditions. On this meal you will know more of Uganda. After our “being in the African shoes”, we will proceed to lake Mburo national park. If we get here early, we can go for an evening game drive towards the lake for some of the coolest water atmospheres. We will then retire at the Eagles nest lodge

Day 13. Lake Mburo National Park game drive, equator and transfer to Entebbe.

Lake mburo national park is one of the smallest game reserves in Uganda with a high density of animals per square kilometers. Lake mburo is one of the calmest game reserves with mammal species only found here. Zebras, the shy elands, impalas and topis are the highlights of the park. Lots more of baffalos, hippos, kobs, warthogs and bushbucks roam the park at any time of the day. This is one of the few parks where you can do a walking safari and get close to the wildlife. The park where you can do a horseback safari and get close to the wildlife and a park you can do a biking safari and get close to the game, its just an incredible experience. This should take us 3-4hours and then we good to head out of the park past the equator line for a brief stopover. We will then proceed through mpigi to mabamba swamp for the shoebill stock and different water birds on the shores of lake Victoria. After this we will be close to entebbe hotel or for your flight back home…

Accommodation                                                           Toyota Rav4                                   Toyota Landcruiser

Lazy camping/PP                                                          US $ 877                                             US $ 1043

Mid-Range/PP                                                              US $ 1422                                           US $ 1583


Car hire comprehensive insurance
Full Time English speaking Guide
12 day car rental Toyota Rav4 or Toyota Prado Land-cruiser
Airport transfers
Detailed day-to-day itinerary
Bradt travel guide Book and road-map
Accommodation on the basis of bed & breakfast as per the itinerary


Fuel for the whole Journey

Park entrance fees including vehicle ($40 pp/Day & 30000ugx for car paid once in every park)

All meals/Lunch and dinner

All Optional Activities

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