Our time with the lovely Kids


A few years back when our very first client with his family came to Uganda, it was more of a charity trip and some adventure. We were honored to be part of their 13 days trip partly being with the kids.

uganda safaris

Down south of Uganda in Rukungiri District, there studies young and lovely deaf and dumb kids in primary level of Nyakibale lower primary school. Not only are they deaf and dumb, some are typical orphans.

So time came when they needed to sing us a welcome song just like its culture and tradition. At this moment, I just felt melting inside me. In front of us stood kids shaking their bodies, twisting their arms using the sign language as they follow their rythms probably in their heads. All you would listen are the stamping feet on the ground and the sounds of the claps. It’s at this moment that I fell in love with these kids.

Even when Terence Williams and family went back to London they left us as guardians to their orphan deaf and dumb gal immaculate Kachina who we take care on their behalf.

The Whole 100 + kids now have become our friends, every beginning of their term (3 times a year), we do drive down there and spend a time with them on a weekend. It’s from the profit we save from car rental in Uganda that we share with these kids inform of scholastic materials. We never get enough of these kids and so does our daughter kyrah.

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