Uganda in Style: 21 Days US$ 1052pp

Travel in style through Uganda and experience the bestself drive tours in Uganda that “the Pearl of Africa” has to offer in 3 incredible weeks. Each day and each place uniquely positioned to offer a lifetime adventure. Rent a Toyota Rav4 or Toyota land-cruiser and discover Uganda in style for a slow as US $ 1052pp

Embrace the wonders of Africa and yes embrace the beauty of Uganda on a 21 days self drive tours uganda.Set out on an amazing and inspiring journey through Uganda’s vibrant wildlife and fascinating landscapes, still lush green and still pure virgin. Travel deep into the oldest rainforest jungles of Uganda getting up-close and personal with humans closest relatives:- the mountain Gorillas and chimpanzees. Uganda is a dream travel destination and so is magic in the 21 days self drive safari. You shall marvel through African best kept secrets and off the beaten tracks. Oh yes, the local authentic experiences are a must encounter.


Trip Starts:       Entebbe – Uganda
Trip Ends:        Entebbe – Uganda
Hotel Rating:   Lodge (Budget/lazy camping Accommodation – Midrange)
Permits:           Trekking Permits Secured for each person/$600 per person
Fees:               Gorilla Permit Fees and Park fees inclusive own arrangement
Meals:              Breakfast included: Meal own arrangement

Itinerary at a glance & Highlights

Day 1:     Welcome to Uganda!

Day 2:     Transfer to Sipi Falls

Day 3:      The sipi river walk

Day 4:      Visiting a Karamajong Manyatta

Day 5:      Cattle Market & Kidepo National Park

Day 6 & 7: Safari in Kidepo

Day 8:     Travel to Gulu

Day 9:     Murchison Falls N.P

Day 10:   Murchison Falls National Park

Day 11:    Boat Safari on Delta & to Lake Albert

Day 12:   Fort Portal & Kibale Forest

Day 14:   Queen Elizabeth N.P.

Day 15:   Park Game Drive & Boat Safari

Day 16:   Transfer to Bwindi impenetrable Forest

Day 17:   Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Forest

Days 18:  Nkuringo and lake mutanda surroundings

Day 19:    Lake Bunyonyi and the surroundings

Day 20:    Lake Mburo National Park

Day 21:    Bush walk – Airport Transfer


Day 1: Welcome to Uganda!
Start your self drive tour in uganda at Entebbe Airport where you will be picked up and handed the car keys. You can decide to drive toyour favourite lodge in Kampala. Depending on the time of your arrival, you may be able to explore the sites in and around Kampala or preferably stay in entebbe.
Accomodation: Forest cottages in kampala.

Day 2: Transfer to Sipi Falls
After breakfast you drive through the eastern part of Uganda takes you to beautiful Sipi Falls, on a plateau 1800m above sea level. The Sipi River flows over the foothills of Mount Elgon, forming a spectacular series of waterfalls surrounded by village walking trails and lush green coffee farmlands. in the even years, you may get to experience the public male circumcision lively as the young boys face the knife in a process of being transformed into adulthood.  You will stay in a wonderful lodge. From your lodge you have beautiful views over one of the waterfalls and incredible karamoja plains with great golden light from the sunset.
Accomodation: Sipi river lodge

Day 3: The sipi river walk
Prepare yourself for a beautiful day in paradise. After breakfast, choose to go on a 3-hour or – for the real adventurers – a 7-hour hike through the region. A local guide accompanies you on your hike to explain flora, fauna and culture. Whichever option you choose, you can be certain that you pass many picturesque waterfalls, plantations and caves.
Accomodation: Sipi river lodge

Day 4: Visiting a Karamajong Manyatta
Enjoy another day of self drive through places where no one else will go. One of these examples is karamoja an arid area in northeastern Uganda inhabited by the Karamajong. These cattle-herding natives are related to the Maasai in Kenya in their dress, language, and ways of life.Today, you will have the rare chance to visit an authentic Karamajong village outside the small town of Kotido.
Accomodation: Church of Uganda

Day 5: Cattle Market & Kidepo National Park
The Karamojong are the most distinctive group in northeast Uganda and known primarily for their love of cattle and cattle rustling and their resistance to modern civilization.
If you can plan your tour to arrive in Kotido on a Tuesday you’ll have the chance to experience an authentic Karamajong cattle market on Wednesday. Some herders walk for 5 hours to be able to buy or sell their goats, cows or chicken here. It’s a colorful and stunning sight and one of the few remaining authentic experiences. Don’t miss this!
After this thrilling experience it is time to enter into the most remote and pristine national park in the country, Kidepo Valley National Park. The park has some of the most amazing scenery in the country! For many people this is the most beautiful park of Uganda. Here you will find almost no tourists leaving you free to enjoy the park and its unique combination of wildlife without distraction.
Accomodation: savannah lodge kidepo

Day 6 & 7: Safari in Kidepo
In Kidepo Valley National Park you will find zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions and leopards. This is also the only place in Uganda where you can find the cheetah and ostrich. Kidepo is famous for its lions relaxing on the rocks . You might even be very lucky to spot a leopard or cheetah! Besides the 4×4 self drive safaris you can also take a bush walk in the park with an armed ranger.
Accomodation: Savannah lodge kidepo

Day 8: Travel to Gulu
Enjoy another self drive safari on a long, bumpy and dusty drive to the sizeable town of Gulu, so get ready for the “African Massage!”
You may opt to have no any activities planned today as we expect you will want to rest after a tiresome day. It is possible, however, to have a stroll around this slave trade town or preferably to fort partiko, the biggest slave trade centre. Its worth visiting.
Accomodation: Churchhill hotel Gulu.

Day 9: To Murchison Falls N.P.
Today you continue your journey by crossing to the west of the country to Murchison Falls National Park.
You may opt for an evening game drive towards your lodge on the northern bank of the Nile. You will be staying at a great lodge, overlooking the River Nile. From here you can relax the rest of your day or opt for an evening game drive if you have time. (Plan for about minmum 4 hours of game drive)
Accomodation: Fort Murchison lodge

Day 10: Murchison Falls National Park
Get ready for an early wake up today! In the early morning hours animals are the most active, the sun is not yet so bright and temperatures are cooler. It offers the best time to spot wild animals. After an early breakfast you will go out on a game drive to explore the northern part of the park.
Come eye-to-eye with the African animal kingdom: elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, lions, leopards, different species of antelope and many tropical birds may all be spotted during the game drive. So keep your eyes open, they are all there in Murchison Falls National Park!
In the afternoon you will take a boat safari up the Nile River to Murchison Falls. Carefully watched by crocodiles, hundreds of hippos, buffaloes, water birds, monkeys and all the other thirsty wildlife that the Nile attracts, you will reach the base of the 43-meter high Falls which approach with a thunderous sound.
After the boat safari you will hike to the top of the falls. From here you have a wonderful view and fantastic photo opportunities! (The hike requires to be picked from the top of falls and this is where a driver comes in handy) later return back to your comfortable lodge for dinner and overnight.
Accomodation: Fort Murchison Lodge

Day 11: Boat Safari on Delta & to Lake Albert
The Nile Delta is the area where the Victoria Nile flows into Lake Albert. A boat safari down the river towards Lake Albert is a “must do” for every birdwatcher as the banks of the delta are home to hundreds of bird species including the rare and prehistoric-looking shoebill stork. As well you will see hundreds of hippo and maybe even bathing elephant and huge crocs!
Drive through Murchison and cross the river and travel to Lake Albert, where you will stay at Lake Albert Lodge.
Accomodation: Lake Albert safari lodge

Day 12: To Fort Portal & Kibale Forest
Today you will begin your self drive journey to Kibale Forest N.P. The drive is incredibly scenic, passing through tea plantations and the lush green countryside which characterizes so much of Uganda. After lunch, you will then drive and spend the late afternoon relaxing and enjoying a lovely evening getting ready for the chimpanzee tracking or chimpanzee habituation.
Accomodation: Kibale forest camp

Day 13: Chimpanzee Encounter & Swamp Walk
Today is a day to experience some serious monkey business! Kibale Forest National Park boasts the highest number of primate species in the world, including the chimpanzees. Approximately 5,000 chimpanzees live in the wild in Uganda, which makes it a perfect place to spot them!
An experienced ranger will take you chimp tracking in the morning or afternoon; (8am or 2pm) you might also see other monkey species that live here. Once you locate the chimpanzee you will have a full hour of and up-close and personal
Late on in the afternoon, you will embark on the famous Bigodi swamp walk (2-3 hours) will take you through grassland, small communities and some beautiful scenery, where the locals are likely to greet you with enthusiastic waves. It is usual to spot three to four different primate species during this walk, though the highlight is catching a glimpse of the great blue turaco! A beautiful rare blue bird
Accomodation: Kibale forest camp

Day 14: Queen Elizabeth N.P.
After a relaxed breakfast in the morning, you can relax at your lodge and late you will continue your journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park, the most Bio-diverse national game reserve in Uganda.
Queen Elizabeth is Uganda’s second largest park, located at the base of the majestic Rwenzori Mountain range, adjacent to Lake Edward and Lake George. The park has prolific game, including antelopes, Uganda kob, warthog and waterbuck. Lions are often sighted both in and at the entrance to the park. Be prepared for huge numbers of hippo and elephant, and keep your eyes peeled for a leopard lazly sleeping or hitching on the Phobia cactus trees.
In the late afternoon about 4pm, you will go for a game-drive into the park.
Accomodation: Bush Lodge

Day 15: Park Game Drive & Boat Safari
Today you wake up early. A little before sunrise coffee, tea and donuts will be served in the lounge before you head out for a long game drive in time to see the first rays of light. You will search for all the wildlife in the park and are likely to come across Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Waterbuck, Leopard, Uganda Kob, and many Warthogs.
A well-deserved lunch will be served back at the lodge in the late morning.
In the afternoon you will take a boat safari along the Kazinga Channel which joins Lake George and Lake Albert.
Here, you will see a lot of hippos (more than you can possibly imagine!), as well as a variety of other animals which come to the waterhole to drink or bathe. You can expect to see buffalo, crocodile, bathing elephant, and a range of beautiful birds. This will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your tour.
Accomodation: Bush Lodge

Day 16: Transfer to Bwindi impenetrable Forest
Today you drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park through ishasha sector for a search of the tree climbing lions. Through the eye catching sceneries of south western Uganda, You will definitely cross a beautiful part of the country often referred to as ‘the Switzerland of Africa’ characterized with spectacular sceneries and rolling lush green vegetation. You will see a great country-side, bamboo forest and have great views over the Virunga Mountains as you approach the southern sector of Bwindi.
Dinner and overnight at Gorilla valley lodge or Rushaga Gorilla camp

Day 17: Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Forest
The long awaited day is finally here. Prepare yourself for an encounter with one of Bwindi’s gentle giants: the endangered mountain gorilla. For most people this is the absolute highlight of their tour to Uganda.
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest boasts both mountain gorillas and chimpanzees – the only forest in Africa which can make this claim. It also hosts five other species of primate, 113 species of mammal, over 200 butterflies and 360 birds. The gorillas you track belong to one of nine habituated family groups who can tolerate the presence of humans for a brief period every day.
The time taken to track the gorillas can be as few as 2 hours to as many as 7 hours. Once the gorillas have been located, your group will be allowed a maximum of one hour with them. Coming face-to-face with a mountain gorilla is a truly humbling and emotional experience. This is a fantastic and privileged opportunity to get up close and personal with Uganda’s very own ‘Gorillas in the Mist’.
Accommodation: Dinner and overnight at Gorilla valley lodge or Rushaga Gorilla camp

Day 18: Nkuringo and lake mutanda surroundings
Today you can choose to unwind from your trip at this stunning location. You can as well opt for some wonderful optional activities from the lodge.The south-western part of Uganda is known as ”Little Switzerland” , a lush, mountainous region dotted with freshwater lakes, which makes it the perfect base for a number of activities beyond gorilla tracking. The area is great for walking, hiking, mountain biking, cultural village and coffee tours, bird watching or water sport activities and this can be spiced up with a walking safari from Nkuringo to lake mutanda and get involved in a dug-out canoe with a local boat guide visiting the most beautiful islands on the this stunning lake.
Accommodation: Dinner and overnight at Gorilla valley lodge or Rushaga Gorilla camp.

Day 19: lake bunyonyi and the sorroundings
Consider having an early breakfast and set off at your own pace to the lake Bunyonyi through the gravy exciting and refreshing scenic views of the most fertile lands of kigezi. Through the eye-catching terraced steep slopes of the enveloped mist covered rainforest you will arrive at the fascinating and breathtaking famous lake bunyonyi the second deepest lake in Africa estimated at 900m deep. You could opt for a calm dugout canoe or boat cruise, visit the the traditional islands including the up-side down island and the punishment island. local guides who double as the boat owners tell you all this history of the lake. Consider visiting and hiking to the top of the mountains and visit an isolated community living at the top of the mountain, the views while hiking are spectacular. Distance 80kms: Time 2hrs

Accommodation: Lake Bunyonyi overland camp or the Eco-resort Bunyonyi for an upgrade on the island offer spectacular and calm nights on the lake.

Day 20: Lake Mburo National Park
After breakfast, you will travel to Lake Mburo National Park, one of Uganda’s smallest parks, but certainly not to be underestimated. It is the only Ugandan national park with the highest density of animals per square kilometer and home to zebras, eland and impala, as well as an abundance of other wildlife – not to mention the lake itself, which is teeming with hippos and crocodiles and the recently introduced giraffes from Murchison falls to lake Mburo.
You can decide to have lunch in Mbarara at Agip motel or take up Auto Rental Uganda African lunch offer that involves enhancing your adventure with a treat to a Ugandan traditional delicacy of an amazing traditional meal prepared by a truly Ugandan woman in an African home and in a simple setting. If you would like this, we are more than happy to share with you this experience of the Luwombo meal.
Accomodation: Eagles Nest Lodge

Day 21: Bush walk – Airport Transfer
Lake Mburo N.P. is one of two parks in Uganda where it is permitted to go for a bush walk with an experienced ranger. This opportunity should not be missed. From footprints and animal droppings the ranger will be able to tell you which animal has left it and how long ago. It is exciting to approach wildlife at such close range.
After an exciting bush walk, we will proceed to the lodge for a checkout and drive back to Kampala. Through the equator for photographic opportunities and eye catching sceneries we should be able to arrive in Kampala for your connecting flight back home.

Accomodation                                              Toyota Rav4                           Toyota Landcruiser

Lazy camping/PP                                          US $ 1052 pp                             US $ 1335 pp

Mid-range/PP                                                US $ 1851 PP                            US $ 2205 pp



Car hire comprehensive insurance
21 Days car rental Toyota Rav4 or Toyota Prado Landcruiser
Airport transfers
Detailed day-to-day itinerary
Bradt travel guide Book and roadmap
Mobile phone with local SIM card
Accommodation on the basis of bed & breakfast as per the itinerary


Fuel for the whole Journey

Park entrance fees including vehicle ($40 pp & 30000ugx for car paid once in every park)

All meals/Lunch and dinner

All Optional Activities

Booking With Auto Rental Uganda typically means wanting to see the world how you would like to see it. We will reply to your message within one business day. And if you prefer talking to one of our tour consultants or its a last minute booking, please call +256778082201

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