6 tips for your self-drive safari in Uganda
rental carSelf drive cars in Uganda with Auto Rental Uganda are equally distributed  among  10 National game parks  around the country and remarkably with the best safari experiences. The mixed excitement and feeling of being behind the wheels and driving through wild dotted wildlife is another beginning of an inspirational journey through Uganda. Are you looking for that journey through the wild and for an amazing journey, we share with you some of the best and Top tips for an inspirational Self drive safari in Uganda

6 Tips for Self drive cars in Uganda

Drive slowly: It is just the trick behind spotting what others or what you would have missed. Secondly the max speed limit in game reserves is 40kms/hrs. Share the beauty as you marvel through the wonders of nature and what the wild has to offer setting the pace of your drive. Other than being a regulation to drive slowly, its advantageous for spotting more wildlife.
Get a good pair of binoculars. A good pair of binoculars will help you spot even the seemingly far Monkey, leopard or lion lazily hitching and sleeping in a far tree off the track. The same pair of binoculars can be used to take a picture using your phone through the lens in a distance for wildlife off the gazetted tracks.
Listen Carefully: The rhythm of the wild is not only interesting but also a heads up for a spectacular sighting. Do away with Music in the car and put all the senses to use, let it seem you are in some bush hiding or sharing the same ground as the wild animals. Listening to a weird sound like a leopard groaning sound or a lions breathing rhythm hidden in a thicket would be a great heads up. The continuous sound (Like birds) of Kobs communicating to each other after seeing a predator would be appreciated when finally spotted. Be part of the wild to discover the wild.
Watch out for scarvengers: The scavengers would definitely be around after a lion kill. Look out for hyenas, marabou stocks or Vultures hitched in a tree or flying around one position in the air and then stick your attention below in that direction or maybe it’s a pride of lions finalizing their kill.
Do Not rush, be patient: You Rush, you miss it. Take your time to drive, listen and marvel with the wild. You can also take your own trail and not rely on the others provided you are on the right track. Some wildlife like the leopard tends to squirt down when they hear something external and unusual or the sound of the car. Play game and science with the wild and make the best of it. As a tour and driver guide, this has been my major trick in spotting animals for our guided clients, PATIENCE. I once had clients in the Murchison falls national park through the pakuba track when I stopped the engine and quietly waited for nothing, in me was hope that something would come-up. After 30mins of waiting and clients getting angry with the long wait, and as soon as I started the engine, a family of three leopards emerged from the dilapidated building fighting for a baboon they had just killed and yes that was my best encounter in Murchison…” It was worth the wait Alex”, the lady client, Mother of two said.
Turn off your engine when in sight of animals: Nothing annoys and scares away wildlife on top of missing them in sight than keeping the noisy engine on when animals in sight. The unsual sounds to the animals is irritating and  will walk or run away. Make us of the time with the upclose encounter by switching off the engine and lights off and this will help have an upclose encounter with wild animals, memories you will never forget. Worry not driving a rented car with Auto Rental Uganda for Self drive safari in Uganda, You will always ignite and stop at any time.
Respect The Animals: Not Only is it a rule to stay away from the animals and especially the big and aggressive, but also a way for conserving for generations. Wild animals in the national game reserve have a right of way and require 100m away from them. This also provides an atmosphere for great photography and sightings.

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