Uganda Travel Restrictions on car rentals & Covid-19

Uganda Travel Restrictions :The Government of uganda recommends all travelers from the United States, including all Category 1 countries (India) and Category 2 countries (USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania) to postpone any non-essential travel to Uganda.

Tourism in Uganda remains open and accessible to all tourists all around the world. Uganda Travel Restrictions re not so may but with a must -VE PCR

During Your Travel Restrictions


  • Avoid large crowds or crowded areas.
  • Avoid contact with sick people, especially if they have a cough, fever or difficulty breathing.
  • Wash your hands often with soap under warm running water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. Always keep some with you when you travel.
  • No when to Cough and how

Uganda Travel Restrictions car rentals

  1. Travelers from Category 1 countries (India) are banned from entry into Uganda except returning Ugandans negative covid test certificate not more than 72 hours old have no travel restrictions
  2. category 2 countries will be subjected to a mandatory  PCR COVID-19 test at their own cost of USD 65 at all entry points, even with a -VE PCR or being fully vaccinated. These includes the USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Tanzania.
  3. Travelers of countries in category 3—includes all not in categories 1 & 2— will not be subject to PCR tests but shall present an authentic and valid negative PCR COVID-19  certificate issued within 72 hours before arriving in Uganda.
  4. Traveling or moving will stop at 19:00 and start at 5:00 am.Tourists from and out of the airport will not be affected by this time. All security operatives have been informed to let any traveler with proof of travel documents through.
  5. All visa and any travel documents are now got  online at You’ll need a six months valid passport and yellow fever vaccination certificate to be allowed entry.

Are we ready for travel restrictions with Covid-19 guide lines?

International Borders Open With Restrictions

All travelers must have had a negative PCR COVID 19 test done within 72 hours before arrival in Uganda


Adhering To All Health standards

SOP’s from Ministry of health, We are 100% following the guidelines, keeping us safe in order to keep you safe



Trained Driver / Guides

Professional ,informed and trained about COCID-19 Safari guides. Be assured of your uganda safe trip.



Tour operators , driver guides and park rangers heavily rely/depend on your visit.
Come on a self drive, car rental safari, luxury and budget safaris we support and save each other. At the end of the day i believe its just me and you.
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