Self Drive Car Rental

V8 Landcruiser With Popup Roof Or Roof-tent

Our Self Drive and Chauffer driven option V8 Toyota Landcruiser is our newest most comfortable landcruiser in our Car rental Fleet. The The high ground clearance vehicle is part of the Utilitarian 4×4 car rental vehicles meant for Africa and its terrains. We maintain 4 V8 land cruisers  as the strong option for the rough terrains upcountry like Karamoja and Kidepo. They are strong vehicles designed with comfort and strong Petrol engines. They are mostly automatic transmission, customized with either pop up roofs for game viewing or can be mounted with a 2 persons or Family Roof tents for Luxury wilderness camping on self drive adventures or preferred rented with a Dome/Ground Tent and quality Camping Gear.

Our Most comfortable land cruisers can be fixed with a freezer for your camping safaris (On  request). They are also our most reliable strong vehicles for long term and cross boarder trips or for rough Terrains upcountry on a self drive car rental tour.

The V8 Landcruisers have mostly petrol Engines, manual transmition, airconditioned vehicles, High ground clearance vehicles and come with two spare wheels. Just Like the Gx Landcruiser, You can be assured of a reliable self drive car rental Vehicle with the V8 Toyota Landcruiser.

Self Drive Car Rental
Self Drive Car Rental
Car Rental Uganda

                                                Low season                            High Season

1 – 5 Days  Car Rental               USD 100                                   USD 115

5 Days + Car Rental                  USD 95                                      USD 100

Low seasons: March Apirl, May June October November

High Seasons: December, January, Feb, July, August, September, October

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